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The IT Sales Champion Program enables an IT organisation sales, marketing, finance and solution teams to move from "solution selling" to "champion sales" by shifting the client dialogue focus from IT or solution to the business drivers of client policy that will shape IT demand.

Shaping demand for IT needs the anchor of a compelling business policy which will have budget and a stakeholder who cares about policy execution at low cost and mitigated risk. The IT Sales Champion Program, which is customised by client, shows an IT firm how to work together to achieve this higher challenging level of differentiation and engagement.

A Champion Seller Defined

An Information Technology [IT] sales person who provides compelling insight to potential client executives on how a significant business policy issue can be executed at low cost and risk using innovative IT.

Most clients execute policy once but most IT vendors have executed policy multiple times although this insight is often latent as the only focus of the IT vendor is technology.

The IT vendor Champion Seller realises this potential value by reverse engineering previous IT solution sales to fully appreciate the business policy change that led to the deal and then repeatedly sells the same proposition to similar client business executives implementing the same policy.

In the event of a new policy, then the Champion Seller reviews the new policy framework and crafts an innovative IT solution before the client has decided the architecture.

A Champion Marketer Defined

Champion Sellers cannot work alone. They must be supported by a Champion Marketing team that is fully aligned and working in parallel and ahead of the sales team.

They will explore and set-up business engagement opportunities with target clients early in the policy execution sales cycle when the Champion Seller can add the greatest value.

This usually involves Champion Marketers providing insight that shows the Champion Seller what are the compelling new policy issues, who are the target clients, what related experience or references the IT vendor has in this area if any, how the solution architecture should be configured and then pre-sales engagement steps.

This insight is formalised as a Thought Leadership Point-of-View which briefs the Champion Seller, client business executives and alliances.





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