• Behavioural Risk Management in Trading & Selling
  • FATCA Compliance in Investments
  • Omnichannel Integration in Retail
  • PCIDSS Compliance for eCommerce
  • EU General Data Protection Regulation [EU GDPR]

IT firms are increasing the pressure on profitability growth as solution lifecycles reduce, requiring development costs to be recouped within a shorter time. Consequently, IT sales teams are more likely to have profit based compensation plans rather than being simply revenue driven. The goal is to accelerate solution repeatability whether it is software, hardware or services based and this is where the challenge starts. Most sales teams find it easier to sell a new product to an existing client rather than open new clients for an existing solution which clearly stifles repeatability. So a new relationship between sales and marketing is required if the profitability goal is to be achieved.

IDL is a Thought Leadership analyst providing support to IT firms in achieving a competitive position within target markets or accounts by focusing upon client business policy changes that open new repeatable IT solution sale opportunities.

1. Policy

Business Policy is inherently repeatable across similar firms in a market sector, for example omnichannel in retail or regulatory in financial services. The IT repeatable solution budget is provided by the business policy owner who needs to understand that the risk and cost of policy execution will be effectively resolved by the solution provider.

2. Justification

The business policy owner cares more about risk mitigation than cost, so the business case must robustly present both requirements with Key Performance Indicators [KPIs].

3. Solution

The repeatable solution set should be formalised with pre-sales services to engage the business policy owner and reassure them that risk and cost are both being managed. Formalisation also drives repeatability for higher profit or staff utilisation.

4. Engagement

The IT marketing team needs to focus upon generating new client opportunities at the business policy level to deliver Repeatable Solution Sales. This means working in parallel and ahead of the IT sales team.

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