Compliance Value

Regulatory compliance is a classic business policy driver of Repeatable Solution Sales as all firms within a market sector must comply and it is only a case of the solution scale, not "do they need a solution". This puts the IT sales person in very strong position as all target accounts within a market sector will have demand but it becomes crucial that the IT sales person engages "high and early" to be successful. The IDL training makes clear from the beginning that an IT vendor offers a client an improvement in the efficiency of meeting compliance and regulator demands, but does not make the client compliant, which is the responsibility of the firm and its expert advisers.

Greater efficiency may then lead to lower compliance risk and closer to realtime reporting allowing more immediate detection and reaction to suspicious or non-compliant events.

Compliance Training Programme

IDL training is always customised and delivered on an "incompany" basis under non-disclosure terms. This enables a detailed focus upon relevant compliance issues, policy changes, target customers and the IT vendors solution. The training normally takes place at the IT vendor's location with an audience of sales, pre-sales, marketing and solutions staff.

Compliance Training Agenda

The agenda is structured to reflect the IT vendor's target customer decision process including major triggers of a compliance solution business case which can included failed regulator risk assessment, fine for non-compliance or new regulation to be enforced.

#1 Compliance Policy Issues
#2 Compliance Policy Business Case
#3 Formalised Compliance Set
#4 Best Practice Compliance Standards
#5 Target Accounts, Decision-Makers & Influencers
#6 Initial Action Plan To Engage

Engaging compliance policy is very attractive for an IT Vendor sales team as the selected client is certain to be on the journey to compliance and therefore from a sales perspective it is only a question of the stage the client has reached.

Compliance Training Focus

IDL will focus the training workshop according to the IT Vendor requirement and this is typically by market sector and/or geography. A selection of the IDL Compliance Workshops are:

- Generic Compliance Solutions
- Utilities Compliance Solutions
- Financial Service Compliance Solutions
- Retail Manufacturing & Distribution Compliance Solutions

Post Training Agenda

IDL encourages the IT Vendor to apply the compliance training to immediate target client engagement after the training completes, and then feedback experience to further enhance the revenue opportunities.

Comments From IDL Workshops

"This has been very rewarding", "Very helpful and thought provoking", "Probably as good as it could be; nice presentation as well", "Good progress today and looking forward to future sessions"

Repeatable Solution Sales Sales Collateral

IDL will write and produce Thought Leadership Sales Collateral which provides insight on the compliance policy issue and how to reduce cost and risk.

Compliance Collateral Target Audience

The collateral is designed for use directly with target account decision-makers who are usually on the business side and have ownership of the compliance policy and execution with budget for the IT Vendors solution.

The same collateral is used to engage influencers such as auditors, attract alliance partners and to inform the IT Vendor's sales, marketing and solution teams

Compliance Collateral Content

The Sales Collateral describes the compliance policy journey to demonstrate an IT Vendors insight and expertise in reducing the cost and risk of compliance to key business policy owners and influencers.

- Compliance Policy Issue
- Business Case For Solution Including KPIs
- Best Practice Policy Standards
- IT Vendor Compliance Solution
- Case Studies
- Initial Engagement Services

Target Account Profiling

IDL will independently profile an IT Vendor target account list to clarify their compliance policy status and progress towards a solution. This insight provides the IT Vendor's sales team with a clear engagement route for presenting the Thought Leadership Sales Collateral particularly to business policy owners.


IDL will build a target account database of compliance business policy owners appropriate to the IT Vendor's solution. The policy owners tend to own the budget for a compliance policy solution.

Research & Interviews

IDL will interview business policy owners on the database to understand their status on implementing new or revised compliance policy practices and procedures, and determine their plan for new IT processes and controls. These outcomes are then reported back to the IT Vendor for engagement.