Engage High and Early

Strategy Drives IT Solution Sales

IDL is a Thought Leadership analyst providing support to IT firms in achieving a competitive position within target markets or accounts by focusing upon client business policy changes that open new IT solution sale opportunities.

Client business policy owners increasingly manage the IT budget related to their policy responsibility, and exhibit different characteristics of demand compared to their counterparts in technology or the client data centre.

It is essential to understand these critical business needs and engage them with a relevant proposition.

Thought Leadership Defined

At IDL, Thought Leadership behaviour is described as the IT vendor understanding and engaging business policy owners with a formalised proposition that demonstrates awareness of the business policy risk and cost challenges, a business case for solution investment with KPIs, a case study [if available], and IT solution set with initial engagement services for a consultative sale.

IDL delivers this Thought Leadership insight and understanding to IT vendors, and their alliance partners, through Sales Training, Sales Planning workshops, Sales Collateral and Sales Profiling of those target accounts "on the policy journey". This approach is highly attractive in reducing IT marketing risk and improving IT sales confidence in engaging business policy owners with real value, yet not expect IT sales to become business consultants.