Thank you again for doing an excellent job with the facilitation of our joint planning session. I did appreciate your flexibility to switch from a more general approach for our workshop to one that was account specific. This switch seemed to help all of us with the focus required to provide the details and specifics that could then be translated into tangible actions.Director of Marketing, NA Systems Integrator
The IDL workshop was a huge success. We had seven participants all at executive level. The feedback was exceptional. The Chairman stated that it was one, if not the most valuable, productive and probably the best use of his team's class time spent at a course this year. We estimate an increase of up to and possibly exceeding between 10M-15M Rand.Business Partner Account Manager, South Africa
The plan was focused on formalizing our eBusiness Enablement solution to pull hardware, software and services and later scale to full eBusiness enablement. To date, approx $600k new business has been achieved in the area focused upon in the plan.Solution Provider, North America
Thank you, for your flexibility and leadership in going the direction they wanted to take a very tactical approach.Channels Sales Business Unit Executive, Worldwide IT Vendor
We received excellent feedback from the recent workshop we held in Paris. IDL did an outstanding job in ensuring that we produced a well organized, documented plan.Global Marketing Executive, Worldwide IT Vendor
We left with a very good idea of the marketing initiatives and the practice we are building.Account Development Manager, North American VAD
We conducted an outbound telesales campaign from the prime compliance initiative that was created in the planning workshop. The campaign started mid-May, ran for 60 days and was focused on [server] consolidation. It drove $1.5M net new business.ISV, EMEA
I was very impressed with both the results and the way you managed and completed the task - I have no doubt we shall be using your services again.Regional Partner Manager, UK