Business Policy Engagement

Business Policy Engagement

Strategically an emerging business policy change is the beginning of a client journey which is supported by the commitment and IT execution budget of the policy owner. This is an earlier stage of engagement than traditional IT solution sales that has significant strategic advantages. For example, business policy exhibits risk and cost issues, but the critical risk issues are obscured once the solution reaches the procurement or RFP stage, which loses the IT sales person a critical leverage point if they only connect close to, or at the RFP.

Business policy is also repeatable insofar as similar behaviour will be exhibited within a market sector or group of target accounts; for example Omnichannel policy in retail or regulatory compliance policy in financial services. This also means that the IT vendor marketing and sales teams have the virtual certainty that all target accounts within the sector will be "on the same journey"; it is only a question of how far they have travelled.

Repeatable Solution Sales Training

IDL is Thought Leader in training IT sales and marketing teams to achieve profitable new business and significant market share. IDL has provided over 10,000 delegate days of IT vendor repeatable sales and marketing training worldwide by applying the principles for enhancing sales or marketing skills and target market engagement. The Repeatable Solution Sales training program is delivered as an open course or customised to an individual IT firm using this format:

- Formalising A Repeatable Solution
- Setting Objectives
- Deciding Target Markets
- Achieving A Competitive Position
- Building The Action Plan
- Reviewing Results

Sector Based Program

Many IT vendors are focused upon market sectors and target clients for profitable new business.

The IDL Program can be tailored to the IT vendor target sector and clients to achieve maximum practical value. This may involve Training in conjunction with Sales Collateral and Account Profiling.

Issue Based Program

IT vendors can focus upon specific business policy issues eg compliance, safety etc so the IDL Program is tailored to support execution of the IT vendor aims which may not only involve Training but include Sales Collateral and Account Profiling. For an example see the IDL Compliance Program Case Study.

IT Vendor Delegate Quotes on IDL Training

"Very lively & passionate speaker", "Enthusiastic & interesting", "Very informative", "Facilitator is a great communicator and relayed the message effectively".

Mobile Training Infographics

To provide an IT sales team with simultaneous insight on compelling policy issues driving new solutions demand, IDL can summarise the key points of the client business case in a short Sales Journey designed for viewing by the IT Sales team on a mobile phone. This may provide the initial insight needed by the sales team which can be further supported with the thought Leadership paper or a refresh on the core conversation just prior to a client meeting. For a demo please click here.